Windows 7 Out of Support – Free Windows 10 Upgrade Still Working

You got the Windows 7 is out of support error?
Windows 10 upgrade is still working.
What you need to know before you start:
  1. Computer Hardware – since windows 10 is heavier OS you should have at least:
    1. CPU: I3 and up
    2. Memory: Minimum 16g
  2. Valid Windows 7 licence – Microsoft upgrade tool works with valid OS systems, if you have Win 7 Home the upgrade will upgrade your PC to Win 10 Home, and Pro version to Pro version
  3.  Backup your computer – use external hard drive or network drive, you can use Windows Backup for full OS Backup, or copy & Paste C:\Users\Your Name\ All Folders.
  4. Cleanup your computer – If you choose to update your computer and saving your APPS & Files you should clean up:
    1. Files: run disk cleanup tool, remove old files not in use.
    2. Apps: uninstall old unused apps and programs as the process will try to update them to work with win 10, less apps = less update time = less upgrade issues.
Ready to upgrade?
Go to:
Click: Download Tool now
Download the file and open it, the tool will do everything automatically, all you need to do is choose the right upgrade option.
Upgrade and keep everything – the tool will update your win 7 to win 10 with all your files and Apps – recommended!
Clean setup – you’ll end up with clean setup of Win 10 no files or apps will transfer from your old OS.
During the upgrade process your computer will restart few times, when done you will have to login and choose your privacy settings.
That’s it, remember you need to have valid windows 7 license key in order to use this tool!

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