GoDaddy Nightmare – Read here before sign up for GoDaddy


“Starting in July 2018, Google will finally use mobile page speed as a ranking in their mobile search results.”

GoDaddy shared server is slow by default, call GoDaddy and ask them about it, they will say move to VPS or Dedicated Server!

so by default anyone on GoDaddy shared server you will never rank up, call us to day to migrate your website fast hosting and cheep!

If you using GoDaddy in some point you will look for this article or other articles looking: how to do some basic things like: forward email from your won website hosted with GoDaddy using your paid SMTP service with GoDaddy. soon enough you will find out it is impossible…
Wait, What? I can’t use my paid service to send out emails?
That’s right GoDaddy block SMTP servers even if they are internal in GoDaddy.
Yes you will pay for Hosting and Office 365 with exchange mailer but you can not use it!

Office 365 – GoDaddy partner with Microsoft to bundle Office 365 with GoDaddy services.
They basically took Microsoft Office 365 cut off services like SharePoint and other service made it cheep and resale it.
If your needs never change you ok but if your needs changes GoDaddy will be your worst nightmare.

Microsoft don’t offer any behind the scene migration process so you will have to do it manually.

Let say Mailboxes / Exchange migration.. you will have to download all mailboxes, mailbox by mailbox download to PST file.
Change your MX record…
Call GoDaddy support ask them to release your domain redirect from Office 365 to GoDaddy SSO to Microsoft Office 365 login.

In some point in your business you will find out this limits.

GoDaddy also blocked 45 plugin like BackWPup, W3-total-cache, wp-cache, wp-phpmyadmin.. basically any plugin allow you access to back-end.

Free SS with let’s encrypt is not available you will have to pay  $100 a year for SSL instead of getting free SSL for Let’s Encrypt.

No control panel for corn-jobs.

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