Salesforce Consulting

Basically, we translate WHAT you need to HOW to build.

We first listen and learn how your organization works to understand WHAT your organization needs, Mapping the project in hand, PC MD Consulting will come up with creative solutions to client’s initiatives to help them gain back their investment.

Than we think HOW to build Salesforce, our business philosophy is to “straight” the organization workflows by the program, instead of “banding” the program to fit the organization workflows, Less customization as possible. We make dream a reality, don’t be affirmed to dream big.

Develop & Admin

While you can hire Salesforce Administrator/Developer and be limit by his knowledge, we can provide you a team of experts.
We assign Salesforce Certified Expert for each project by the project, Project done in Sandbox (in most cases) for testing, after your approval we will deploy to Production, with documentation and user training if needed.

Integrate any 3rd party system you need to Sync with Salesforce.
Doesn't matter which system you are using now or you like to add in the future, our Salesforce Experts can build API for your needs. Our experts will find plug-in we can use or will build one from scratch if we cant find plug-in to answer your needs.

24/7/365 Support

Tailor made maintenance and support  plans for each customer to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Customer under contract enjoy umbrella of service guaranty your data is Safe, Clean and available for all users at all levels.


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