Ubiquiti Device Adopt – Step by Step

The easy way is the old way lol

If you using AWS Controller the right order is:

Plug device to power and network, find the device with discovery tool, login to the device via IP with Putty, Adopt!

  1. Plug in the device to Network cable contacted to POE switch to power you device, give it few minutes to sync with the network.
  2. Open Discovery tool: Discovery Tool – Chrome ext. – Do it on computer in the same network (take control on computer in the same network if needed).
    1. Find the device and save the IP.
  3. Putty – login to the device to adopt.
    1. host name: ubuntu@Device IP // Port: 22
    2. user and password: ubnt
    3. adopt command: set-inform http://Controller-IP:8080/inform.
  4. Open the controller your device should be there pending.

Tip: run the inform command twice.

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