RJ45 WALL JACK – Shielded – 10 pcs.


Follow this post to learn how to install Shielded Wall RJ45 Jack.


The brand new tool-less screened modular keystone jack features a die-cast housing. Innovative mechanism optimizes the PSANEXT & PSAACR-F – which are the most critical criteria outlined by Class EA standard.

Patented PCB route & unique contact alignment provides excellent works in easing the internal magnetic coupling up to bandwidth 500MHz.

Supports interoperable 10G BASE-T application, backward compatible to any Class E, Class D solution. Press-Fit tech. is applied, no solder, no Pb, purely RoHS compliant.

This tool-less keystone jack requires no punchdown tool to install. Easy installation instructions to follow simplify your work and increase your efficiency.


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