PC MD Consulting

Welcome to PC MD Consulting website.

We are Internet Marketing specialist. This days with the endless changes Google do you can not put all your eggs in one basket.

As your businesses grow you need diversity of incoming traffic to your website and phone calls from verity of places same like you not going to open business put ad in phone book and wait for calls and customers.

You need to think about Internet Marketing as package you have to do… more eggs you spread around more customers will find you and you will have peace of mind knowing you cover your business in case of one provider close down or change his site you not stop working till you find different solution.

Our goal is the build infrastructure for your business that is customize for your and you will be able to grow in way that the system costs will be minimal.

You will show as what you do and we provide you an “umbrella” – tailor made solution for your businesses that include all IT aspects of your business needs.

Our service include (but not limited):

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Google & Bing as main focus

MSEO: Mobile Search Engine Optimization. 30% of internet traffic is mobile today and it keep grow don’t stay behind!

Local SEO: Your businesses need to be on the map if you like it to be found!

Websites: Let us build your website! Shopping cart or WordPress or both!

Phone Systems: Voice Over IP systems – cut your phone bill average 50%. ROI after 6 mo. guaranty!

IT Service: our tech. come to you! all you IT needs in one place! Computer, Laptops, Networks, WIFI, Servers, Security Camares.