Mobile Websites

Have a website? GREAT! But what about a Mobile version?

Do you have AMP version? Google AMP Project

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the new magic word!

In 90% of the cases when we review SEO campaigns we find out our customers spend money on SEO and PPC to get mobile traffic but websites are not readable on mobile devices.

We take your site and rebuild your site with a new sub-domain ( -> with same feel and look and all your contact information but in Mobile site code, so your customers (and Google) can read it from any mobile device.

The mobile site version sits behind your regular site, when a customer logs into your site from his mobile device, the mobile version starts uploading behind and customer is redirect automatically to the mobile site. Your customers doesn’t need to know the mobile site URL!

Your mobile site has all the regular functions + mobile device options like Click to call (customers can call your buisness with only one click without copy-pasting number or remembering your phone number and having a high chance to make mistakes when dialing.

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