Phone Systems

Voice Over IP systems – cut your phone bill average 50%. ROI after 6 mo. guaranty!

You still use phone company like AT&T for phone service? you pay to much.

With today technology voice over IP or voice call over the internet have better voice quality and 99% up time.

Prices are 75%  less, so you ask your self where is the catch?

There is no catch but you will have to invest some money in VOIP system.

Here some numbers that will help you understand the difference in the prices:

New customer we got had AT&T phone system and internet he pay $5,000 / month for 25 lines and 6 ADSL lines bundle.

He bought our VOIP system – new IP phones, switches, network upgrade and VOIP server (PBX) cost $15,000

But his monthly payment drop down to $1,500 / month with high speed internet and T1 backup line.

ROI in 6 months!!!